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In your AI transformation journey, your organization currently stands here:






  • The organization is aware of AI technologies and their potential benefits but has not yet initiated any concrete AI projects
  • The organization conducts preliminary research and experimentation to understand how AI can fit into its operations
  • The organization actively identifies specific AI use cases aligned with its business goals and focuses on developing solutions for those areas. Initial AI projects are launched to test feasibility and value.
  • AI technologies are integrated into various business processes, leading to improved efficiency, decision-making, and customer experiences.
  • AI technologies drive transformative changes that reshape the organization's operations, strategy, and market positioning.
AI Adoption Matrix:
Quadrant Insight Description
I High AI Potential High AI Potential (High Readiness, High Applicability): Organizations in this quadrant have both the readiness and the right conditions to leverage AI effectively. They are well-prepared for AI adoption and have identified areas where AI can make a significant impact. This quadrant represents a prime opportunity for these organizations to harness AI's power and achieve significant business growth and innovation.
II Untapped AI Potential Untapped AI Potential (Low Readiness, High Applicability): In this quadrant, organizations have substantial opportunities to apply AI, as it is highly applicable to their operations. However, their current readiness levels for AI adoption are low. This indicates that there is untapped potential, and with appropriate investments in AI readiness, these organizations can unlock valuable benefits and stay competitive in the evolving landscape.
III Limited Readiness & Applicability Limited Readiness & Applicability (Low Readiness, Low Applicability): Organizations in this quadrant have limited readiness for AI adoption, and AI's applicability to their current operations is also limited. This suggests that AI adoption may not be an immediate priority for these organizations. They may need to focus on building readiness and exploring ways to make AI more relevant to their business.
IV Potential for AI R&D Potential for AI R&D (High Readiness, Low Applicability): Organizations in this quadrant are well-prepared for AI adoption but may have limited current applications for AI technology within their existing operations. This quadrant suggests that these organizations have the potential to explore AI research and development (R&D) initiatives, potentially paving the way for new AI-driven products, services, or innovations that align with their business requirements.
AI Readiness Scores:
Pillar Description Your Score
Business & Vision This pillar assesses how well your organization's strategic vision aligns with AI adoption. It explores whether AI is integrated into your long-term business goals and if there's a clear vision for its role in your future. 0
Organizational Mindset & Culture This pillar evaluates your organization's culture and mindset regarding AI. It looks at whether there's openness to change, a culture of innovation, and a willingness to embrace AI-driven transformation. 0
Leadership & Governance This pillar examines the leadership's role in AI adoption. It assesses whether there's strong governance in place, leadership support for AI initiatives, and clear accountability for AI-related decisions. 0
AI Understanding This pillar focuses on the level of AI awareness and knowledge within your organization. It looks at whether employees, from top to bottom, have a basic understanding of AI concepts and their potential impact. 0
Data & Infrastructure This pillar explores your organization's data readiness and technical infrastructure. It assesses whether you have the necessary data quality, availability, and the infrastructure to support AI applications. 0
Organizational Workflows This pillar investigates how well your current workflows and processes can integrate with AI solutions. It examines whether there are opportunities to optimize workflows through AI adoption and whether the existing processes align with AI goals. 0
AI Readiness Spider Chart:

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