AI Accelerators

Fast track your way to the innovation with the help of our AI Accelerators

Fashion Stylist

Product Catalogue Management

Shopping Assistant

Automation Agents

Content Generator

Quality Inspection

Onboarding Suite

Fashion Stylist

Your AI-powered personal style guide

Our Fashion Stylist uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the styling process, providing personalized recommendations and insights for customers boosting sales and engagement.

Product Catalog Management

Effortless Curation of Product Data

Leverage the power of advanced AI models to create engaging product descriptions and stunning photography that grab attention and drive sales.

Shopping Assistance

Fully Guided Online Shopping Experience

From finding the perfect products to answering pressing orders specific queries, our AI Shopping Assistants simplify the customer journey and help ecommerce business owners automate customer service functions

Automation Agents

A Digital Workforce That Never Sleeps

Simplify your workflow and boost productivity with our AI-powered task automation solutions. From repetitive tasks to complex processes, our technology handles it all, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Content Generator

Not Your Average GPT

Forget about engineering complex prompts to get the right output, our content generation solution provides a wide array of content types all with just a few clicks – even better yet, the solution will let you even keep a close eye on your competitors so that your content is always the best in class.

Quality Inspection System

Flawless Products, Every Time

Elevate your quality control standards with our AI-driven solutions driven by cutting-edge computer vision technology. From automated inspections to real-time anomaly detection, our integrated approach ensures consistent quality at all the times.

Onboarding Suite

Setting up New Recruits For Instant Success

Streamline the onboarding process for new employees with state-of-the-art AI pipeline that handles the end-to-end experience with a boutique of experts-curated solutions. From paperwork to training modules, our technology automates and guides every step of the way.

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